Sunday, November 9, 2008

Holidays remind me of family

"Live close by, visit often." ~Unknown


Family is something that is very important to me. There is the family you were born into and the one you make for yourself. Both are special and important. Family (either created or given) can makes a person feel safe and loved and missed when away. It makes a person crazy and angry and sad, but also happy and full of laughter and so, so safe. It is a beautiful thing (which helps explain why “The Family Stone” is one of my favorite movies and why “Brothers & Sisters” is one of my favorite TV shows).
I have been thinking about my future lately and what I hope my life looks like someday. I have many pictures in my head of what this may be, but this weekend the vision was of family. It seems funny and very unlike me, but I want a home of safe chaos. The kind that you get when you combine many personality types and busy schedules. It is chaotic because there are so many people and kids everywhere and lots of voices and laughter, but safe because it is a gathering of people who love one another regardless. I want a house full of memories and laughter and love. Full of “family” (whether that is my kids and husband, good friends, my parents, etc.) dinners and sleepovers and weekend adventures of movie marathons or road trips. I want church on the weekends and a home where people come for good conversation, distraction, and a safe place to stay.
Things happened all weekend that reminded me of this one dream of mine. First of all I was home for the weekend with my family and today randomly drove to Seal Beach and Norwalk to see both my Nana and Grandma with my family. I also celebrated my “nephew’s” first birthday. It was so fun and beautiful to see a house full of people who love the Lord and love Matthew. It reminded me that it is a wonderful thing to live near family and close friends. It was a house full of families and it was great. I also bumped into a former teacher of mine and saw a movie with her and my mom and sister. Sitting between Mrs. G. and my mom felt so safe and nostalgic. I was in between two women who shaped so much of whom I am today. It reminded me that moments like that are why I try so hard to keep in touch with old friends, who just so happen to also be my high school teachers. The movie we all saw together was “The Secret Life of Bees,” which was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time.
This movie was the biggest inspiration for my “future home dream” this weekend because the family in the movie just adopts everyone who needs a place to be. They nurture people back to life and give them a safe, stable environment to finding who they are supposed to be. It is a big house full of people and stories and memories and love. Just the pink house alone speaks of refuge and love. It was an incredible story. Go see it, and go with the people you consider family. I was also inspired by this blog post because of the description of her family and how dependent they all are on one another and how much love they all share. This blog (which I’ve mentioned before) in general speaks of the love of family, but the post made me smile and begin to dream.

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jamie said...

i want a home like that too! can i safe refuge with you? you can refuge with me.