Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Top 10: Gilmore Girls

I want to live in Star’s Hollow! A place with town festivals for every season and weekly community meetings (or are they monthly?). Where every neighbor knows your name and your story. A city that has no crime, one stop light and you can leave your doors unlocked at night. I want to eat at Luke’s every day and walk to the market and sit in the center of town under the gazebo. Plus, you never know when Jess might show up!

In case it is still unclear to you, we have been watching a LOT of Gilmore Girls lately. Actually, all the seasons have been on repeat since May. We know, it is a little excessive. It is just so witty and charming and enjoyable!

Here are my top 10 favorite episodes (and some clips!):

1. Sookie’s wedding.

2. Rory moves into Yale.
3. Jess drops in on Rory’s weekend alone.
4. The win a date and lunch picnic.

5. The Life and Death Brigade jump.
6. The Dragonfly test run weekend.
7. The night Jess shows up and asks Rory to run away with him.
8. When Rory visits Jess in New York.
9. When Lorelai and Luke break up (the first time) and she leaves him a very pathetic – uncharacteristic – “come back” message.

10. (a moment not an episode) Lorelai dreams she and Luke are having twins (before they are ever a couple).

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Josh, Chrissie & Matthew said...

I constantly have Gilmore Girls on repeat! I have all 7 seasons and I watch them through over and over - and I even stop and watch them when they're on ABC Family. I will totally move to Stars Hollow with you - let's go!