Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New York Part Two

I am so exhausted I hardly know how or what to write! So much has happened. Let's start from where we last left off. On Monday (Day Two) after we rested at the hotel...
- went to Alfredo's for dinner, which is one of Dad's favorite places, but Mom saw a mouse...THREE times, so we had to leave after only receiving Dad's salad.
- then, we went to St. Barts (our old favorite restaurant), which is no longer St. Barts, but is this awful gourmet-type place. It was empty and we couldn't understand the menu and the food was no good. I had vegetable wheat, for example. The whole evening was pretty much a disaster. :(
Day Three:
- went to the MET and had a delightful and delicious lunch there. The art was wonderful. We spent most of our time in the 18-19th century European paintings wing.
- went to Serendipity but didn't stay to eat because we realized we were running out of time before our next plans.
- went to a market and got Dad some cheese and bought some stuff for breakfast this morning.
- went to dinner at a yummy seafood restaurant
- went to see All My Sons. It was fantastic! I loved it, which was great because that was what I was most looking forward to about the trip. It starred John Lithgow, Diane Weist, Patrick Wilson (from "Evening" and "Little Children"), and Katie Holmes. I even got Patrick Wilson's autograph afterward while we waited to see the cast leave. :)
- then Mom and I had a quick drink and a nice chat in the hotel bar.
Day 4: (today)
- met Dad and a co-worker for lunch at SAKS.
- went to the bank.
- in the taxi on the way to The Frick we passes Anne Hathaway getting out of an SUV! She is much thinner in person and her smile gave her away. She was beautiful. It was very cool. :)
- went to The Frick museum, which is me and Mom's favorite. It is an art collection at Frick's house!
- then said hello to my favorite house a block over from The Frick.
- walked up to The Whitney museum. It was way too modern and terrible, except for a Jackie O piece by Andy Warhol. We got free admission from the head of security thanks to a work friend of my parents, but in finding him the two ticket guys were rude and awful and treated us like we were undeserving and dirt poor and disgusting for "cheating the system." People in NY really are a rude as you hear. This has just been one example of many that have happened and I'm still here for another week.
- Now we are back in the lounge of our hotel and going to our room to relax before dinner.
I miss how nice and laid back people are in Cali. I also miss how no one really looks you up and down in a way that is obvious and disdainful. California are way nicer!
More later. Hope all is well.


Josh, Chrissie & Matthew said...

I wish I was there :-)


i like the part about the yorkers...i think i became a snob because of my time there. jealous!