Saturday, October 11, 2008

I heart NY

Sorry I dropped the ball on more NY updates. All that is really important is that I had an incredible time. Here is an excerpt from my journal about NY:
Describe New York. Describe New York? It is intimidating and homey all at the same time. Intimidating because there are people, cabs, and buildings everywhere. There are smells and noises and languages whizzing around you loudly. Walk into a cathedral on the corner, hear the religious silence. Walk out and realize how jolting-ly loud the city is. There are times I am walking so closely to people I want to scream in frustration. There are times I feel uneasy walking down a block and wish I was among a crowd.
NYC is homey because the city speaks to me. We are soul mates. The kind that challenges one another and pushes each other to our limits, yet understand one another to the core of our beings in a way that constantly inspires, refreshes, and teaches. We have a love/hate relationship. We bring the best and worst out of each other. I love NY for its magic. It “had me at hello.” I love the tall buildings that house offices, apartments, and hotels of all types. I love that you can walk so many places and can (almost) always grab a cab on any street to get anywhere. I love that it is the center of the media the way LA is the center of the film industry. I love that locals don’t react when they see a celebrity pass by. I love Central Park, even though I’ve only explored 100ft. of it. I love the way the city smells and how I wish it had a volume control button and how it really is the city that never sleeps in the sense that someone is always awake, walking, driving, or working.
It is my soul mate because I can people watch, eavesdrop, and observe all the time. It is my soul mate because it challenges me to be brave and makes me hit what I believe is my limit, but then I grow. Everyday is a marathon in NYC. Everyday is survival of the fittest. Everyday is forcing you to know who you are or drown in negativity and apathy and the speed of life. In forcing survival it tells you who you are and asks you to evaluate that. It demands you stay grounded in your foundation, but remain flexible to change in order to foster growth. It is one big challenge course on its own island game show.

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