Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

That is how to describe this week and the one that begins tomorrow (I don’t know why, but I always start the week on Mondays). Work is crazy busy and this week will be incredibly so! I think I’ll be working late at least part of the week. I’ve already been starting at 7:30 to get a head start all week.
I found out last Tuesday that my class ends this Tuesday. I thought I had two weeks left to cram in the whole term’s work, but no, I had a week! Tonight I finished all the work (and attempted to learn APA style). I am exhausted. It has been nine months since I’ve had to cram for homework! Such a long vacation from school…kinda want it back…kinda.
I also spent the weekend with my Grandma. It was nice. We looked through a lot of old pictures, but there are still four more drawers to clean out and a cabinet full of photo albums (the drawers just have stacks of individual photos)! I love looking at all the black and white pictures. It is so fun to hear my Grandma’s stories about her friends and my Grandpa and stories about my Dad and his sisters. I have some great childhood pictures of my Dad to bring home to my family in a couple weeks. Plus, a great one of my grandparent’s from the 60’s! My grandma has an almost beehive! It is hilarious.
One of the most interesting things about looking at all my Grandma’s pictures was that we found two pictures of a big group of her friends from when she and my Grandpa were first married. It reminded me of my post about a social circle because even my Grandma had that one solid group who did stuff every weekend and went away for vacations together. It is so interesting that this social circle exists in every generation. My parents had their group when they were in their twenties and my grandparents did too. Very interesting. I wonder when mine will come… I talked about this need for a group with two of my best friends from high school this week. They are feeling the void too. We all are. We used to be each other’s group. I miss those days. I think we all might…at least a little. My sister and I (and my mom) agree that the way to this new group is by joining a church. Sadly, the one I feel most comfortable at – and is my home church – is in Vista and too far away to plant roots in at this point in my life. We’ll see what happens. I am praying about it.

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