Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wedding Gowns and Laundry Detergent

Oh how life changes and passes so quickly. I spoke with a friend recently and they mentioned how fast life went before they were twenty and then how much faster it went from 20 to 40, and I think I’m (relatively) slowing starting to see what my friend meant. Sometimes I am just so surprised by how surreal my life seems. I don’t know, maybe it sounds stupid or na├»ve to some because they wonder what is really so different about my life than it was a couple of years ago and maybe others just think “grow up and move on,” but I am surprised. There are days when I am in my kitchen or making my bed or doing laundry or driving to work in my car or sitting at work or walking to my class when the status of my life just hits me. It can seem so surreal to me at times that I don’t live at home, or even in the same city. It hits me that my name is on the lease of my apartment…and my car. It hits me that I can load the dishwasher a new way (dependent on my roomies) and that I have to decide what kind of Tide to use in my laundry. It hits me that my weekends are full of quick trips to my family’s house or peaceful – sometimes very boring – weekends at my apartment where I can literally spend the whole weekend reading and watching movies. I am just taken by surprise at my “adult” status in life sometimes. Does that ever happen to you? Does it ever happen that you are surprised by the contents and routines of your own life?
I reflect on the above a lot, but it all hit again in a big way this past weekend at Amy’s wedding reception. Driving to the reception at the church I attended during some pivotal years in high school brought back so many memories of church camps, sleepovers on Saturday nights before church, poolside baptisms, asking deep questions about faith, and always saying hello and goodbye to Peter, our BLESSING of a youth pastor. On the way home from the reception I drove past my high school and more memories sprang to mind. Memories of winter formal, birthday celebrations, tears shed at some of our worst moments, laughing in classes, embarrassing moments during school plays, having lunch on the bathroom ramp, and graduation. Seeing such a good friend, who has been a part of my life longer than most, in her wedding gown and glowing with happiness reminded me how great we all had it growing up and what a blessing that time was. The friendships I had during high school were such a blessing and I have been reminded lately how hard those bonds are to find…and, especially, to keep.

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Rachel said...

When are you ever just going to shut up and write a short story and send it in for publishing? ????????????