Thursday, September 4, 2008

More About Women in Power…

I spent most of today upset with all of the anti-feminist comments I read on many news websites and blogs. Even some of my favorite writers – who claim to be pro-female equality – have disappointed me of late, simply because the female candidate of their party is no longer in power. However, there have been some nice words about the many capabilities of working mothers and women in general, and they have come from some surprising sources. Here is a snippet of an article that best expressed how I feel and wanted to articulate but didn’t have the right words:
It is written by Jodi Enda in her article “Pit Bull Palin” on (a decidedly pro-Obama website)…
“So where are the feminists?
The very people who have done the most to make Americans aware of sexism and its dangers – defenders of women like Anita Hill, Lilly Ledbetter and Clinton – have remained mum where Palin is concerned.
True, they stand in staunch opposition to Palin's ultra-right-wing positions. True, too, that Palin was not the least bit sympathetic to what she called Clinton's "perceived whine about excess criticism" during the Democratic primaries. And her selection, given her short tenure as governor, certainly raises questions.
But while it is fair to scrutinize her experience, preparedness and political views, it is decidedly off-limits to question whether Palin should have turned down the vice presidential nomination because of her family. It is not fair to suggest that because she has five children, a baby with special needs and a grandchild on the way, that she should not take on the burden of the federal government. It is not fair because it is not a standard to which men are held. And no one knows that better than feminists…
Consistency demands that even though she may offend every political bone in their body, feminist leaders should stand firm on Palin's right to seek any job she desires. How she runs her family and divides her time between work and home is her business. Not ours.”
(to read the whole article click here:
Sorry to harp on this feminist, double standard issue for two days in a row.
You know what, I take that back. I’m not sorry. What I am sorry about is the fact that I have almost deleted this post five times because I am afraid it makes me sounds like an angry feminist who hates men and I really want to shed that image of me. What is most disappointing about the whole thing is that people really do think feminists hate men and that they are incredibly liberal and believe they are better than the rest of the population – particularly the Christian population, of which I am a proud member.
Feminism to me means equality for all women, and I know most would say that women in America already have that, but I say we don’t. I think the comments toward Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin prove that as fact. Yes, American women have many more rights than most of the women in the world, but we reside in a country where women are still expected to do most of the child raising and house work on their own. Women do not make as much money as their male counterparts in the same job. Women are still objectified in every possible way by the media from magazine covers to films to commercials and everything in between. For example, have you ever seen a commercial about a cleaning product that did not star a female cleaning up after her husband and kids? You never see a man doing the same thing in a commercial.
I don’t hate men. I repeat: I don’t hate men! I am not one of those feminists. I am also not one of the feminists who support the choice of abortion. I am not a “womanist” feminist. I am, however, a feminist who wants legal equal rights, workplaces that support working mothers with longer maternity leave and more working from home options, and I am a feminist who wants to foster an understanding between women to not argue with one another all the time. We need solidarity. If men see women lash out against one another over issues that only involve women, what do we expect them to think of us other than what they already do (as a society), that we are catty, emotional, fickle, and angry.
Women of America - Republicans, Democrats, and Independents - we need to support the ability of Sarah Palin to be Vice-President as a huge step for women’s rights. We need to be impressed, proud, and happy that a woman can have that option and we need to stop believing that being a mother is the only job for a woman.
However, women, you don’t have to or need to vote for her.

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Rachel said...

I love you and your passion. Don't ever stop. People only stereotype you because they haven't taken the time to stop and get to know you. If they had, they would see what I see. A loving, caring, respectful, STRONG, intelligent, and God-fearing woman. Don't keep wanting to shed that from yourself, but don't use it as a wall to hide behind either. You are who you are because that is how God wanted you to be made. He looks down everyday and continues to speak what He thought the moment He conceived the thought of you..."it is good." I love you, and I miss your fire and passion-filled talks that we would have late at night. Just would be better if we were all...well, you know ;-)