Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

Oh my goodness, Sarah Palin was awe inspiring! I don’t care about your politics, because if you consider yourself a feminist or any kind, you have to admit that seeing a FEMALE Vice-Presidential candidate speaking on stage is incredible! If you disagree, I have to question your stance on feminism, and beg you to be open-minded enough to separate political alignment with a history-making night for female equality. It is about time that a woman be considered as a VP, I only wish a woman could be the Presidential candidate (although, thank God that Clinton is not that woman), rather than “second to the President” because women have been filling that role in offices around the world for decades.
Regardless of politics, I thought Palin was strong, concise, brave, clear, assertive, humble, and completely confident. This is what a woman looks like. Women like this exist all over the world and Palin is simply a reminder of that fact, just as Hillary Clinton was as well. Both Palin and Clinton prove that women can be assertive, powerful, and business-minded, while being nurtures, mothers, and feminine. Juggling all of these aspects of personality and responsibility is why a woman should be president. We know how to multitask and can balance many things with equal dedication and energy. Women are use to carrying many burdens on their back and why should the responsibility of the nation not be one of those?
I respect Obama’s campaign camp so much for stating that the attacks against Palin as a mother are un-called for, unnecessary, and un-professional. It is just one more aspect of Obama that shows how respectful and kind he can be. As for the attacks on Palin’s parenting skills, it is just more proof in the case of the Mommy Wars and gender discrimination in this country. In a political campaign we should be focusing – even criticizing – Palin’s politics and her professional choices. The fact that the media is focusing on her family shows that American media still believe in the lie that women are only mothers, that it is their only role and purpose. We would NEVER hear about McCain or Obama’s parenting skills, only about Palin’s and, when running, Clinton’s. Hopefully, this negative media attention will bring into focus the sexism of this country that has been around since the day we were founded.
Two more notes…One, I hope having Palin as a running mate forces McCain to re-evaluate not voting for a law to assure equal pay to women. Two, people need to remember that “kids”, specifically 17-year-olds (who I believe are young adults and not kids at all), are still individuals; individuals who make their own decisions about their lives, no matter how they have been raised. I have been thinking a lot this week about that fact that no matter how a person was raised or what environment they spent most of their time in, they are still ultimately going to do whatever they want and make their own decisions no matter who tells them not too. This is the story with Bristol Palin. Her mother was not bad or immoral or hypocritical, Bristol is simply becoming the woman she is meant to be and having pre-marital sex was one of the decisions she made – right or wrong – along that journey. Maybe she regrets it, maybe she doesn’t, but the decision was her own, just like all of the rest of us made decisions our environment and the people in our lives would never expect or agree with.


"And among the many things I owe them is one simple lesson: that this is America, and every woman can walk through every door of opportunity. " ~ Sarah Palin, speech at the RNC

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