Monday, September 29, 2008

Hello from NYC!

I am writing from the Hilton's computer in the Executive lounge. I only have 15 minutes, so I'll do my best to give you an update of the past two days! We made it to NY safely (thank you, Jesus)! The flight was fine. I am so happy to be back in The City (miss you SO much sis!). Yesterday we arrived in our hotel and then went to Ben Benson's steakhouse, then walked around a bit and went to the room and slept. We were on NY time right away last night because we woke up so early to catch the plane (3:30am for me!). Today Dad worked and Mom and I played in The City. Here is what we have done so far (in order):
- visited St. Thomas Episcopal Church where we unintentionally "attended" (aka eavesdropped) the memorial service of Tad Mosel (thanks to Google here is his obituary:,0,1513137.story).
- then walked around Rockafeller Center
- visited the American Girl Store
- has lunch at SAKS (so yummy! And the best part about sitting at the restaurant is the views of gardens on top of buildings, they are so beautiful).
- attended part of 12:30 Mass at St. Patrick's
- went to the GAP (of course)
- bought yummy chocolate at the Lindt store
- bought pictures from sidewalk sellers by the Park
- sat in Central Park (pictures to come)
- visited the newly re-opened Plaza hotel
- went to a local drug store and bought somethings we needed
Now we are back at the hotel and will go out tonight for dinner when Dad gets off work. We are exhausted but having a nice time and in love with NYC.

I'll write more later. Hope all is well in Cali!

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