Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reality Show Life

Okay, so lets talk about the fact that it is only Wednesday and I already feel like it is next Wednesday! I have had so many unexpected things happen this week and my emotions have been a roller coaster, which has also made this week extra crazy. Let’s recap:

Friday: Bachelorette Party. Good mix of old friends, lingerie, fruity drinks, laughter, a cute Christian waiter, hot tub discussions, and (of course) boy talk.

Saturday: Lunch with some well loved and missed high school teachers. Shared memories and updated each other on our lives at present. I love these annual reunions; they remind me just how blessed I was in high school and how much my last two years there shaped me because of my good, seven days a week, friends and five honest and inviting teachers. Saw Amy’s beautiful wedding dress (shout out to Amy - can’t believe one of my oldest and dearest friends is getting married!!!). Beach. Submarina with high school thieves. Moonlight, which makes my summer feel complete, and was able to catch up with an old roommate and another favorite teacher.

Sunday: Saw a great movie (Woody Allen is so interesting and unique). Then had lethal margaritas with my mom – embarrassing, spontaneous, and quite an adventure.

Monday: The day the virus attacked! Word of warning – watch out for Antivirus XP 08 it looks just like Norton’s but is deadly. I freaked out, but tried to remember that it is just a computer and there are bigger problems in the world.

Tuesday: Ran to Target during lunch to buy a bigger flash drive. Annoyed at work because the day seemed so slow and lonely! Went to orientation for grad school, which was really great because it felt so good to be sitting in a classroom again! Crazy, I know… Came home and discovered I had to go back to Target for more stuff to back up my hard drive. Melt down in Target on the phone with my family. Very embarrassing as customers looked at me with concern and pity, tears falling down my face. Called Scott to get help with the virus. He gave me some piece of mind. Downloaded an antivirus program. Ilise and I deleted the virus five hours later! I was on cloud 9!

Wednesday (Today): The return of the brown, big, and hairy spider. Place of attack this year – my car (outside, thankfully). Splashed it off with water, felt like it would attack the whole way to work. Got the car washed inside and out (piece of mind is priceless). Also found the tomato I bought at the store on Monday in the back of my trunk at lunch today.

Maybe all of the above seems like nothing, or over dramatic, or lame. But, it feels very eventful to me. It’s just been one of those weeks.

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jamie said...

lethal margaritas! hahaha