Friday, August 29, 2008

Random Survey

Wanted to blog tonight and didn't know what to write. Found this blog on another person's site and then traced it back to the original writer. Lots of interesting answers. I wanted to share mine:

I AM ... blessed.
I WANT... to always be content with my life.
I HAVE ... an obsession with celebrities and pop culture.
I KEEP… magazine articles, pictures I find on the internet, and sweet e-mails.
I WISH I COULD ... swim.
I HATE ... summer weather, spiders, writers block, and computer viruses.
I FEAR ... losing people I love.
I HEAR ... everything! I love to eavesdrop.
I DON'T THINK ... I’ll ever stop over-analyzing things.
I REGRET ... not singing more often when I was given the opportunity.
I LOVE ... my family.
I ACHE FOR ... George Clooney.
I ALWAYS CRY ... at high school graduations.
I AM NOT ... intimidating.
I DANCE ... alone in my bedroom.
I SING ... very loudly in the car, as if I am recording an album.
I NEVER ... wake up early without an alarm clock.
I RARELY ... go to bed before 10:00pm.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH ... “Extreme Home Makeover,” one specific scene in “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” and the episode of “Gilmore Girls” when Rory moves to Yale.
I AM NOT ALWAYS ... serious.
I'M CONFUSED ABOUT ... God’s will, my future, and who I should vote for this year.
I NEED ... the Lord everyday.
I SHOULD ... write more often.

Add this to your blog! :) Have a great night.

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