Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

I’ve learned something new about myself lately. I am beginning to enjoy the gift of hospitality. I am usually the type of person who gets a little controlling and stressed when people stay at my place for longer than one night. Moving to college helped this problem because living with roommates forced me to let go of my issues of control, cleanliness, and the need for privacy. I learned in college how much fun it can be to have people live with you. I like the chaos it provides because of so many different schedules, I like the challenging and enlightening conversations that happen in the kitchen while everyone is making dinner, and I like the late night trips for fast food because all the roommates stayed up so late giggling that they are hungry again.

My adjustment to living with roommates has now begun a love of inviting people over to stay. I have really begun to see what an act of service it is to help a person out who needs a place for a while. There is nothing worse than having no where to go for a night and feeling like a burden once you get there. Hospitality is such an easy way to serve, and honestly, for me, it has been selfish because the people who have been staying at my apartment lately have been blessing my socks off! I find myself selfishly trying to spend as much time as possible with these people and trying to convince them to stay longer!

The difficult part about having a revolving door apartment is how sad I get when people leave. I get lonely when roommates and guests no longer inhabit my apartment and find myself unsure of what I did before them. I love the long conversations and having someone to make plans with every night. I love figuring out shower schedules and blowing up air mattresses. I love getting to know new interesting and kind people. It has been hard for the past two months because my roomies and I have been in constant transition with people staying at our place. I get blah with so much change that comes with new people and new opportunities for my roommates that cause them to leave, either permanently or for a just a night. All of the comings and goings are making me lonely and dependent, which I don’t like because I am usually craving privacy and going a little crazy from constantly being with people. I love that I am enjoying living with people, but the lack of consistency is creating some major emotional stress for me!

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