Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Little Department That Could

A co-worker’s husband passed away unexpectedly this morning. I had never met him and don’t know the co-worker very well, but it is tragic none the less. This is the third death in my department in the past six months (the same amount of time I’ve worked there); the first two were staff members who were also professors for our program. Three deaths in a short amount of time and in such a small department (there are probably about 25 employees) is not very common and extremely sad. I find myself getting emotional for the people in pain, but hide my tears because it feels strange that I should be sad for people I don’t even know. As much as these unexpected deaths could make people’s hearts harden and cause bitterness and anger to circle around the office, my co-workers are continually empathetic, kind, and ever faithful. It is amazing to see what the Lord can do in those who mourn. My respect grows for the people in my department with each person’s passing because they continue to cling to God more and more rather than push Him away. This group of individuals has given me hope about Christians as a collective group again, a hope that was completely taken away while I was a student at APU. Students just didn’t get it. Yet, as a staff member, I am seeing people whose faith I admire everyday and it has been an encouraging and growing experience for me. For this I am thankful and feel blessed.

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